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“Schumacher Insists on Quickstep Contract” – Wha???

November 15, 2008

Strange News of the Day

There was a story on my cell phone today that fell in the category of strange news.

November 14, 2008
York, PA. – Police say a central Pennsylvania man tried to rob a bank – but teller’s empty drawers thwarted the attempt. Springettsbury Township Police Lt. Scott Laird said the teller’s were waiting for their drawers to be filled when a man entered a Susquehanna Bank branch Thursday morning and demanded money. The first teller fainted and the next two showed him the empty drawers.

Laird says the robber then threatened to file a complaint with bank management before leaving.

Associated Press

Maybe Schumacher was in York – fookin’ moron thinks we are all fools. Hate to tell it to him but the Quickstep drawers are empty. You gotta wonder what size this guy’s brain is. First he comes storming out nowhere to win 2 TdF TT’s and in between be OTF for what seemed like the whole freakin’ race. Gosh he was practically flaunting his obviously doped legs with the wake he was leaving behind. And then have the gall to insist on continuing to work. I just gotta laugh – no team manager is crazy enough to touch this guy with a flagpole. Unless of course he is a Kazakh.

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